Saturday, October 01, 2005

Welcome to the Stop Pushing Me Around blog!

This is just an experiment at the moment. But the intention is to create a blog for the forthcoming book, Stop Pushing Me Around: A Workplace Guide for the Timid, Shy and Less Assertive by me (Ilise Benun).

But I don't plan to write this book alone. I need help from all of you so that's where this blog comes in.

I'll be posting some ideas and questions and looking for your answers and thoughts. And it's good for a little publicity too!

So here goes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rarely speak up at work. When I do, my boss seems to ignore my concerns. Any tips?

--Perplexed in Paramus

7:58 PM  
Blogger Richard Fouts said...

I took a great presentation course from Comunispond that addressed this type of thing. The instructor gave some great advice about having conversations as well as formal presentations. Her advice: before you speak up, make it clear that you have something to say, literally. Begin with a strong, bold "I have something to say about that."

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do we always feel the need to asert ourselves? Being aware of what is going on around you at anyone instance requires less focus of preconcieved lumps of dribble and more attention to the senses. Look at the person, listen to the person, even touch them! - shake hands first! Our senses are excellent tools for meeting and getting along - try it today!

8:13 PM  

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