Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The different types of people you need in your network

Your network of contacts should be made up of all different kinds of people, not just people like you and not just your prospects and clients.

This excerpt from "U R A Brand," a brand new book by Catherine Kaputa, explains the different types of people you can find and bring into your network.

Seek Variety
Great networkers don’t just fish for the big fish – senior executives and power brokers.

Networkers realize that you need a lot of different types of people on the road to success. Different folks bring different influences and abilities into play. Here are the special kinds of people that can play a powerful role in your professional network:

Grass Roots:
This is your core group. Grass-roots supporters are people - friends, family, business colleagues - who know you well and will do what they can to help further your success. What they lack in prestige, they make up for in the support they provide.

This is an important power base to nurture. Rulers are high-level executives at your company and elsewhere that you know (but maybe not that well). You need to find ways to gracefully stay in touch with people more experienced than you are through areas of mutual interest.

This group leverages your reach. Connectors are plugged-in people who know everyone. (They have two degrees of separation instead of the normal six.) Connectors may or may not have a powerful job. Often doctors, financial advisors even hair stylists can be valuable connectors because they interface with so many different types of people.

This group is your PR machine. Promoters amplify your self brand message through word of mouth. Promoters sing your praises and can be invaluable in building your self brand equity. One or two promoters in your network packs a lot of media power.

This is your think tank. Gurus are like mentors or professors you can call upon for advice or strategy sessions. They know a lot, are well-read and like nothing more than sharing%


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