Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Curiosity is the antidote to shyness" says NJ paper, The Courier Post

Here's a short excerpt from a column (written by Eileen Smith) in today's Courier Post, a New Jersey newspaper.

"Shy people imagine rejection -- dramatic, hostile rejection," Benun says. "They are actually surprised when people express interest in their work."

Because they are so focused on what everyone else is thinking about them, introverts are usually poor listeners.

"All that noise in their own minds gets in the way," she says.

The most effective antidote for shyness is a strong dose of curiosity, to listen to what other people have to say without interrupting, judging or mentally rehearsing a response.

Read the rest, plus the sidebar: 7 Steps to Self Confidence here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been using "curiosity" to do work that I'd previously procrastinated on.
I wondered, "Why can I do some kinds of challenging work, for instance researching a computer problem, easily and with gusto?" One element is curiosity about what I will find. Last week I decided to try to feel "curious" about some humdrum work that I'd had anxiety about. It seemed to work. "Hmm, what will I discover when I start to document the client's business needs???" My productivity increased. I'll continue to experiment with this.


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