Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Preparation is one key to self confidence

In a recent article in the Denver Post, there was a sidebar from Stop Pushing Me Around on the 4 Steps to Developing Self Confidence (read the blog post on that here).

This was picked up in a couple different places, including CareerSuperStar.com, the blog of Bud Bilanich. In this posting, he takes my idea about preparation and builds on it with his own examples.

And here's the actual excerpt from my book:

Always take time to prepare. Don’t waste time talking yourself into “feeling” confident. Be more productive in your preparation. The better you know your stuff, the more confident you will feel. No matter what the event or activity, make sure you set aside time to practice or to think through all the possible scenarios and how you would respond to them. Again, it’s a question of directing your attention away from the anxiety and toward the actions needed.

Have you had success with the technique? If so, contribute your comments so others can learn from you too.


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Blogger odw said...

In all of the male-dominated blue collar workplaces I've worked , small talk means being macho, confrontational, insulting, and using a lot of cusswords. It seems like when you meet someone new, you've got to PREPARE some good insults. This type of behaviour seems to win the respect of most of the dominant males. God help you if you're perceived as the weakest / shyest male in the lot. Then you will be the "gay" one and considered a "pussy".

4:44 PM  
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